The Studio Phoenix - Breathe Collection

The Studio Phoenix - Breathe Collection

Our group of BREATHE classes are an intentional slowing down, listening and tuning IN. Being in a constant state of "go, go, go", means it's even more important and necessary to take the time to breathe, to BE and give honor to this body you live in. Often times, slowing down can be the hardest thing to do. Let us assist by guiding you.

The Studio Phoenix - Breathe Collection
  • Intro to Breathe Collection

  • Spinal Mobility and breath - staying grounded

    Allow your foundation to ground you and hold you as you move the body. Let your core stabilizing muscles move the spine in a smart and secure manner. Listen to your body.

  • Short spinal mobility sequence

    Use this short sequence to add some MOVEMENT into your body. Practice awareness of how your are moving your spine as well as where your muscles (Trunk Stabilizing muscles) are holding and supporting you.

  • Inaugural Tarra Yoga

    Tarra yoga means to listen first...then to move. Be in your body, let your feelings, thoughts, emotions move THROUGH you.

  • 4/12 Restore - Tarra

    In this restorative class, we move, we breathe and we allow our bodies to open. Guided meditation at end of class. Have a blanket and one or two balls available to use.

  • Sleep Routine 5/2

    Ease yourself into a restful night of sleep. This routine is for immediately before bed.

  • 4/26 Restore with Teri

    Have some balls available to help release tightness in the body (lacrosse, massage or tennis balls will work!). Pay attention to the body as you move and stretch, never going into the point of pain.

  • 15 min energizing yoga sequence

    Great to use as a morning routine or a mid day pick me up. Can also be done slower for relaxation towards the end of the day.

  • 15 minute intentional yoga with Tarra

    Practice listening to the breath and to how your body feels as you move through this gentle flow. Every time you observe that your thoughts have wandered, come back to the moment, to the FEELING of the moment.

  • 10 minute guided meditation with Tarra

    Allow Tarra’s voice to be your guide through this meditation. When your mind wanders, come back to the voice. Suitable for all levels. Have a comfortable seated position available to you, either in a chair with your feet touching the floor or on the ground in a seated position.

  • Meditation and Crystal Bowls

    Be sure you have blankets, blocks or any props to help you feel supported. We begin with a seated meditation, followed by singing bowls. You may lie down for the bowls if it's more comfortable. Allow the healing energy of the crystal bowls to realign your energy.